Who Is Cober?

Cober Electronics was founded in Stamford, Connecticut in 1966 with the objective of providing microwave heating equipment for industrial applications.

For more than 40 years Cober has been supplying quality microwave power generators, microwave components and microwave systems to industry, science, medicine and government for the processing of  diverse products like rubber, semiconductors, food, ceramics, chemicals, foundry molds, waste remediation, pharmaceuticals and countless other applications requiring innovative forms of process heat.

In addition to being a complete microwave heating equipment company, Cober has also developed and supplied high power microwave transmitters covering nearly all of the microwave frequencies.

Cober is proud to have played a vital role in the production of weather stripping and rubber seals for the automotive industry and has produced quality systems for some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. We pay the same close attention to quality, reliability and performance in all Cober equipment.

Cober has a highly proficient team of microwave engineers and specialists ready to help you with your application.



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