Customer Support

The Cober Customer Support Group has been established to assure safe, efficient and proper use of our microwave and conventional systems.
We are available to help with all of your technical service and parts needs. 


  • DOL™ - Diagnostics on line via modem.

  • World wide field engineering services.

  • Same day shipment on most replacement parts
    (Including magnetrons).

  • On-site evaluations, upgrades and repairs for any microwave systems manufactured in United States, Europe, and Japan.

  • Factory certified safety training.

  • Refurbishment and Retrofitting of existing microwave equipment.

  • PLC based control systems.

  • Service contracts for scheduled preventative maintenance, RF calibration and efficiency test.

Cober, Inc. takes pride in TOTAL CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Established in 1966, Cober, Inc. is one of the early pioneers in the field of industrial microwave heating.


For more information please contact us: service@cober.com


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