Sub-Systems & Components for Rubber Processing



Cober offers a complete range of sub-systems and components to the rubber manufacturer. Some examples are discussed below.
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We are continually adding new products and new capabilities to our existing lines.


Microwave Curing Ovens

CV136 and CV236 -- a family of continuous microwave ovens with 6 to 36 kilowatts of microwave power that include built-in, high temperature, high velocity hot air.

System 2000 -- Use as a continuous booster for your existing line or for low prodution rate applications. Can deliver up to 12 kilowatts of microwave power and includes electric hot air to give an approximate throughput capacity of 600 lbs/hr (270 kg/hr).

System 3000 -- a mid range conveyorized microwave / hot air oven with up to 18 kW of microwave energy with high velocity hot air.  This oven is used in applications with rubber throughput rates up to about 900 lbs/hr (400 kg/hr).


Turbo Air Curing

When profiles get thinner as, for example, with automotive glass run channels, the intelligent application of Hot Air is often the method of choice in your continuous vulcanization line. High temperature moist gas, fired at high velocity, provides outstanding heat transfer coefficients and precise, continuously adjustable controls, and is far cleaner than salt.



Preheaters have many beneficial effects in the production of sponge extrusions. They are installed immediately after the extruder and before the microwave vulcanizer. Preheaters provide surface heating to the extrusions, which results in a smooth, tight skin profile while it is being blown in the microwave. Preheaters start the curing process and improve green strength. Cober manufacturers a complete line of preheating ovens including; InfraRed ovens (short and long wave) IR12, IR24, SWIR30, High Velocity Hot Air Ovens (HVHA20, HVHA40), Ultra Velocity Hot Air Ovens (UVHA20, UVHA40), High Temperature High Velocity Ovens (HTPH10, HTPH15).


Post Cure Hot Air Ovens

Cober offers a range of electrically heated or gas-fired curing ovens in various lengths from 10-80ft (3-12m) featuring fully controllable hot air at very high velocity with a very high heat transfer coefficient.


These are only some of the products available.
We also offer various types of low velocity flocking ovens, bale preheaters for the mixing room, batch preheaters for the molding room and advanced downstream processing equipment.

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