Advanced Microwave Processing Ovens for the Foundry


The ability of microwave energy to selectively heat certain materials such as water while not heating - sand cores, styrofoam patterns or investment casting wax is of great benefit to the foundry for high speed drying and processing.

Microwaves also provide a clean and efficient answer to energy and gas shortages for the Foundry.

Cober microwave systems provide:

  • Rapid Drying of Lost Foam Patterns

  • Automatic Drying of Water Based Core Wash on Sand Cores

  • High Speed Dewaxing of Investment Casting Clusters to reduce mold breakage and recover wax

  • Isothermal Drying of Investment Casting Shell between dips to reduce inventory and speed delivery.

  • Penetrating Microwaves to rapidly cure sand core binders.

Cober Systems provide versatile material handling and conveyor alternatives to suit every foundry!

Model MR18 
Automatically Dewaxes Aerospace Investment Castings on monorail conveyor with exact lot traceability.

Model CCV-100
Continuous Corewash Dryer for high volume automotive sand cores uses heavy steel belt conveyor and unique Cober patented end chokes.

Model MR30
Continuously Dries Lost Foam Patterns for Automotive Foundries.  Fully automatic with monorail conveyor.

Model B24
Batch Core Dryer Indexes pallets of heavy sand cores on driven rollers.


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