Microwave Heating Products and Components

Cober offers a complete range of equipment, systems and components for microwave applications. We will also custom design components for your needs. We can supply products for operation at 2450 MHz or 915 MHz in a variety of configurations and microwave power levels.

Microwave Power Generators--A full range of products that integrate the power supply, controls and magnetron into one NEMA cabinet. We can also provide units for applications where the magnetron needs to be separate from the power supply and controls.  Generators with power levels from 300W to 100kW are standard products.

2450 MHz
915 MHz

Magnetrons--Cober offers a complete line of magnetrons at both 915 MHz and 2450 MHz. Many are in stock and can be delivered immediately.

Waveguide Components--A complete selection of waveguide sections and geometries as well as circulators, directional couplers, loads, tuners, adapters and application specific applicators.

Custom waveguide splitter with balancing loads.

Instrumentation and Accessories--Power meters, leakage meters, timers, detectors, etc.

Temperature feedback automatically controls microwave power.


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