Microwave Boost Demonstration Program

Microwaves are a unique way of heating through direct energy transfer resulting in rapid and uniform temperature rise throughout the mass of the extruded profile.  Conventional hot air, LCM salt, and fluid bed lines depend on conduction or convention to transfer heat to the surface of the rubber and then for that heat to make its way throughout the mass of the profile by conductive heat transfer.  That takes time and, therefore, a large portion of the length of the conventional curing system is used in raising the rubber profile up to cure temperature.

The addition of the Cober microwave boost module after the extruder raises the rubber temperature to the cure point in a very short distance.  The result is that the entire line may be run faster and still have sufficient residence and cure time.  That means from 25% to 40% more production depending on the thickness of the profile.  The greater the thickness, the higher the increase because microwaves penetrate deeply.

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